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Signs You Hired the Wrong Realtor

Your Realtor should be someone you trust to handle your sales transaction and keep your best interests in mind. Like any sort of business transaction, we suggest you interview before you hire - taking into consideration their skill level, knowledge of your market sector, neighbourhood, experience and of course, are they a good personal fit? All agents aren’t created equally, and there are plenty of red flags to watch out for…

They took your house photos on their phone
This is a huge red flag - professional photos are the #1 best strategy to market your home effectively and to its full potential. Don’t sell yourself, or your home short with a realtor who takes short cuts to save a few extra dollars.

Adding insult to injury..
The pictures are blurry and in one you can see them plain as day in the bathroom mirror...

Your 3 bedroom bungalow is showing as a 2 bedroom split on MLS 
Better yet, the posting shows 1 bathroom when your house has 3. A good Realtor cares enough about your listing to ensure that the listing details are correct. Some mistakes on a listing are annoying, but others can cost you serious interest and potential viewings.

The listing is sadly devoid of any details
There is no mention of your new roof, windows, and ensuite bathroom - instead the house is just described as “a real gem!” A good Realtor will highlight the best qualities of your home and find a way to set it apart from the competition. Don’t settle for someone who isn’t willing to point out ALL of the pros.

The public comments just say “more details coming soon"
Quite frankly this is lazy and unhelpful, especially if the listing photos don’t do the property justice. This is your Realtor’s chance to market your property to prospective buyers, they should not be cutting corners and skipping details, especially here.

They offered no advice on staging or decluttering your home
A home that shows well will likely stand out from its competition, so do not overlook this step. Asking your Realtor to evaluate your home and make suggestions for repairs, decluttering and staging is a great idea, and they should be willing to offer their professional opinion.

They can’t take your call because they are working at their day job
Although each agent is different and will have different preferred means of communications, enlisting the assistance of a “part time” Realtor means that you are placing your largest investment in the hands of someone who isn’t experienced or successful enough at selling homes to make a go of it full time.

They weren’t able to offer any guidance on where your home should be priced

As a professional in the industry, this is one of the single most important things your Realtor will assist you with. Most experienced Realtors will offer a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) free of charge.. This is an evaluation of recently sold “comparable” homes and how they compare to the subject property. If your Realtor isn’t able to provide you with reliable and accurate guidance on where your home should be priced, we suggest you get out of the situation and find someone who can - before it is too late.

So you aren’t happy with your situation, what next?
If you aren’t happy with your Realtor, you may or may not be able to fire them, depending on your contract and your agent. Some Realtors will happily cancel a contract if their clients are unhappy with their services. Others won’t allow an exit strategy prior to expiry of their contract. In the Calgary market, most listing contracts run from 3-4 months in length, although it depends on the type of home and the marketplace.

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