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We Tried Every Cookie at Cookie Occasion

Supporting local businesses is something that we consider very important at Urban Upgrade. We often send our clients ’thank-you’ gifts – many of which contain cookies from Cookie Occasion in Marda Loop. As you can imagine, when a box of fresh baked cookies arrives in the office, it is hard to resist eating them before we are able to give them away. Having learned from experience, we always buy an extra box... juuuust in case we accidentally “lose” one on the drive.

We should probably note that this is not a sponsored post, we just CAN’T GET ENOUGH of these chewy, delightful taste morsels, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner (friendly reminder: It is THIS SUNDAY) this is the perfect last minute gift that says “I love you, Mom” and not “I forgot it was Mother’s Day until this morning.”

To save you some sampling time, we tasted every cookie at Cookie Occassion… I know, talk about a burden. It is a tough job but someone had to do it.. This is our take on the amazing fresh baked treats from Cookie Occasion in Marda Loop.

For the Chocolate Lover!

Triple Sin – This cookie is soft, chewy and has chunks of dark, milk and white chocolate - It is a staple in our office and we can almost guarantee if you are a fan of classic chocolate chip, you will LOVE this.

Mud Pie Mint – Full of cocoa and a hint of mint, for the more sophisticated palette. This one has a mint patty on top AND baked into it. If you enjoy After Eights, we definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Inside Out – This one is EXTRA chocolatey and extra delicious. It is almost like a brownie, with dark chocolate chips in it and white chocolate chunks ON it. Cocoa overload in all the right ways and our Marketing Manager's all time favourite.

Smartie – A must have at any age, because who doesn’t love Smarties?! This is Michael Ferianec's favourite, so we rarely get our hands on them if he’s in the office.

Oatmeal Chunk – No surprise raisins disguised as chocolate chips here… This cookie has BIG chunks of dark chocolate so you wont be disappointed.. Chewy and “healthy”…?

Dark Chocolate Chunk – Cookie Occasion calls it mysterious and satisfying. We totally agree! It is a timeless classic and you can’t go wrong with this one.

Milk Chocolate Chunk – The sweeter cousin of the Dark Chocolate Chunk, and great for the sweet tooth in the family.

For the Nut in the Family!

Triple Sin with Pecans – Since we LOVE the Triple Sin, adding pecans seems like the next logical ingredient.

Peanut Butter – A classic cookie often found in Grandma’s cookie jar, only this one is a step up. Chewy and extra peanut-y with PB chips and lots of whole peanuts.

Amaretto Almond – An interesting one with a split opinion from our Sampling panel. It kind of tastes like a chocolate chip cookie with a nutty almond PUNCH at the end.

PB&C – What could make a peanut butter cookie better? Chocolate, of course! This one doesn’t have whole nuts in it, but is still full of peanut flavour, scattered with a good ratio of chocolate chips in every bite.

For the Foodies!

Oatmeal Spice – A soft, chewy oatmeal cookie with raisins and a touch of cinnamon - great for the (crazy) person in your family who actually enjoys fruit in their cookies. All jokes aside, as far as oatmeal RAISIN cookies are concerned, this one is pretty good.

Gingerbread – Not just for Fall, this amazingly chewy cookie is spicy and full of flavour and would pair great with a hot cup of tea.

Caramel Capp – Our Office Manager’s go to. This cookie is perfect on it’s own, or with a coffee. Sweet from the caramel, and bitter from the bean. It’s like a cappuccino that you can eat.

Creamsicle – We’re not gonna lie.. in all of our taste testing years we had never actually had this one, and we were unsure going into it…. But in the name of a fair experiment, we gave it a try and it ended up being like the tasty Summer treat, without the mess.

Shortbread – Melt in your mouth delicious. A little bit flaky, but still buttery and scrumptious. Our Marketing Manager says she “could eat these all day”, and technically, we are doing just that.

Molasses Mountain Mix – With all the goodness of trail mix, this would be a great snack on a hike. This one is like a spruced up ginger molasses cookie with super strong flavour. Kind of spicy, with a lot of extras happening - nuts, dried fruit, white chocolate chips etc.

Cookie of the Month (Mini Egg) – This one is simple. We like cookies. We like mini eggs. And whoever decided to put the two together, is a genius and deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. This one has the base of a standard chocolate chip cookie, with crushed mini eggs throughout. YUM!

All in all, these cookies really are great for any occasion (Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Baby Shower, Post Workout) and we highly recommend them to everyone. A word of advice, don’t eat all of them in one sitting, or you may end up with a stomach ache.

*No Samplers were harmed in this experiment, but their diets definitely were.

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