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Mike Johnston



Mike Johnston Realtor
Mike Johnston Calgary Realtor


We would like to express our gratitude to Mike, who helped us purchase our dream land where we will be settling in to build our dream home. We honestly did not think we would be able to find something like this so quickly – realistically this was our 10 year goal and it was moved up to now because of Mike. My partner and I were both out of town when we first started researching acreages. Mike worked quickly to gather all the information we needed, accommodated for time zone differences while always keeping the communication open between us and the seller.

We understand he was busy, yet he made us feel like we were his top priority. When we did find the land we wanted, Mike worked hard to ensure all of our questions regarding Rocky View County’s bylaws were answered. He even took the time to drive to their head office and gather information for us on our behalf! As you can imagine moving from Calgary to a rural area is a big change but due to the background information we were given we felt more confident in this change. Our deal went through smoothly and in conjunction with the sale of our condo, which again, is thanks to Mike. He understood our needs, had a clear view of what we were hoping to attain and in the end we could not be happier. Thank you so much!!

Trent & Shanelle

We met Michael Johnston randomly, at an Open House. We were already in the market, and had a few recommendations for realtors in Calgary. Mike gained our attention quickly - he was consultative, intelligent, and not pushy. It was clear that he knew what he was talking about. We forewarned Mike that we were fairly particular, and that it would likely take us awhile to make a decision. As most realtors would, he said this would be no problem. The difference between Mike and most is that he backed it up. Throughout the entire process he was patient, and helped us narrow down what we were looking for quickly. Mike was always quick to respond and follow up on our questions - something we greatly appreciated and is lacking in many other realtors. In the end, we got what we believe is a great deal on a house that we love.

As important as being a professional and a excellent real estate resource in the Calgary market, Mike is a great guy. We will not hesitate to work with him again in the future, and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again, Mike!

Dan Godsell & Livia Metcalf

Mike Johnston helped to purchase my house in June 2016. Close to a year before that time, I had made a random call to an estate agent to inquire about the price of a house being built next to my workplace. That Agent was Mike. He could notice from my voice the price he mentioned was ridiculously too high for me, so he quickly offered to look for something within my budget. That was the beginning of my journey with Mike. I made several phone calls and sent several text messages to Mike anytime of the day or night to inquire about properties of interest. What surprised me was Mike would always reply to my text messages no matter how late into the night. I began to wonder if "this guy sleeps at all." During this period, Mike proved to be a good listener and a great adviser. He was always ready to go places with me and he wanted me to have what would make me happy. He went extra miles to dig out in-depth information about properties that interested me. Mike never gave up on me about my financial situation either. He would always tell me "Whenever you're ready, I'm here for you." I would call him weeks after and he was ready to go! Simply put, Mike's patience with me was noteworthy. Mike eventually got me the best house ever and in the community that puts a smile to my face. He took me through the buying procedures that assured me I was buying a house of quality. I was on vacation on the possession date but Mike was there to walk my son through the house for the possession procedures! As if all that was not enough, Mike knocked on my door after I moved in and handed me a cheque as a refund of the money I paid for condo review. What a gem you are, Mike! You are indeed one of a kind, that is to say, it's hard to find two of you in town! I would recommend Mike Johnston again and again to anyone out there who is looking to buy a property.


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